ACES: A Scholarship Program for Atmospheric and Computer Science Exploratory Scholars

The Atmospheric and Computer Science Exploratory Scholars (ACES) scholarship program at UNC Asheville, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, will provide scholarship and academic support for 34 undergraduate students majoring in the Atmospheric and Computer Sciences (A&CS) while enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. ACES will add to the knowledge of the effectiveness of community-based A&CS undergraduate learning experiences by building cohorts for A&CS students to establish support groups designed to encourage early academic success; monitoring student progress through a student management team; offering help to struggling students by providing peer tutors to assist in low- and mid-level A&CS science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses; enlisting peer and faculty mentors to help resolve issues inside and outside the classroom; and providing opportunities for students to engage in activities in three discipline areas (research, teaching, and operations) to expand the types of A&CS STEM career options under consideration by undergraduates.

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